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    Hot Air Station 900 W

    900 W Hot air station for simple repair and heating tasks
    Modern and intuitive operational concept thanks to clear menu structure
    Reduced footprint thanks to stackability
    Electronical controlled temperature
    Acurate adjustment of hot air through bruschless turbine
    Up to 5 pre-sets which can be automatically run in a profile
    Housing cover useable as storage
    OFF time, Prozess window, Lock function, Offset
    Unit inkl. safety rest and fixed hot air iron
    Voltage:120 V
    Dimensions L x W x H (mm):212 x 172 x 122 mm
    Power:900 W
    Fuse:T 4A
    Overcurrent release:n.a.
    Dimensions L x W x H (inches):8,35 x 6,77 x 4,80 Inch
    Weight (approx.) in kg:1,95 kg
    Max. hot air flow rate l/min (depends on tool):50
    Temperature range (depends on tool) °C:50 - 600
    Temperature range (depends on tool) °F:100 - 1000
    Temperature accuracy °C:± 30
    Temperature accuracy °F:± 54
    Max. vacuum:na
    Capacity l/min:5 - 60 l / 20°C 5 - 110 l / 300°C
    Power cable:USA
    Display:Graphical backlit LC-Display

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