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    1-Channel Power Unit, 95 W

    High productivity (Power unit with 1 channel, 90W)
    Intuitive use thanks to clear menu structure
    Reduced footprint thanks to stackability
    Grafical backlit LC-Display
    High performance and functionality - many connectable tools
    Automatic standby of tool thanks to integrated acceleration sensor in the tool
    Housing cover useable as storage
    OFF time, Prozess window, Lock function, Offset
    Voltage:120 V
    Equipotential bonding:on
    Overcurrent release:n.a.
    Fuse:0,5 A
    Temperature stability °F:±4
    Temperature stability °C:±2
    Temperature accuracy °F:±17
    Temperature range (depends on tool) °F:150 - 850
    Temperature range (depends on tool) °C:50 - 450
    Weight (approx.) in kg:1.9
    Dimensions L x W x H (inches):5,87 x 5,44 x 3,98
    Temperature accuracy °C:±9
    Power:95 W
    Dimensions L x W x H (mm):149 x 138 x 101
    Power cable:USA
    Display:Backlit LCD
    Temperature range:Adjustable from 50°C - 450°C (150°F - 850°C) Adjustable temperature range varies among tools

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