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    Visualize Compressed Air and Nitrogen Gas (N2) Consumption in order to Identify and Eliminate Waste!*

    Small pipe size
    Small pipe size 25A,32A
    Medium pipe size
    40A, 50A, 65A, 80A
    Medium pipe size 40A, 50A, 65A, 80A
    Large pipe size
    100A, 150A, 200A
    Large pipe size 100A, 150A, 200A
    CE Marking

    CE Approved
    CE : EMC Directive (all models), Pressure Equipment Directive (AEWA2150/2200 only)

    *Nitrogen gas can be measured with small or medium pipe size only.

    Compressors typically require more electricity to run than other equipment.

    Reducing the power consumption of air compressors should be a key target of any energy savings plan.

    Moreover, in general, air leakage accounts for up to 20 to 25% of the overall air usage.

    Visualize Air Consumption to Identify and Eliminate Waste!

    Install the ultrasonic type Air Flow Monitor on each compressor to monitor air leakage and provide an overall improvement of the compressor's operating efficiency.


    Four features of Air Flow Monitor (EWA2 Series)

    [Feature 1] Ultrasonic detection system

    Easy to use, with high durability!
    Since the ultrasonic sensor is adopted as a detection principle, elements such as filters are not required and air containing oil mist can also be measured. 
    The sensor is stain resistant, and no maintenance is required.

    [Feature 2] Measurable fluids Compressed air Nitrogen gas

    Nitrogen gas can be measured!* 
    In addition to the compressed air, the capability to measure high-cost nitrogen gas is added. 
    Air leakage from pipes can be detected and air supply capacity of the compressor can be optimized to reduce the wasted power.
    * Nitrogen gas can be measured with small or medium pipe size only.

    [Feature 3] Flow conversion NORMAL STANDARD

    Selectable flow conversion function! 
    [Normal flow] The volumetric flow rate per unit time at 0?, 1 atm (atmospheric pressure)
    [Standard flow] The volumetric flow rate per unit time at set temperature (?), 1 atm (atmospheric pressure)

    [Feature 4] RS485 Communication MODBUS (RTU) Read/Write

    Newly installed MODBUS(RTU) communication function! 
    Data obtained at site can be transmitted to Data Logger Light (DLL). Detailed data management can be realized with ease.

    Other features

    Zero energy losses

    There are no obstructions within the measurement pipe due to the ultrasonic detection system, thus causing zero pressure losses.

    Zero energy losses

    High accuracy flow rate measurement

    The R.S. (reading scale) accuracy is the accuracy applicable to all readings in the flow rate range. Therefore, flow rates even in the low flow rate range can be read with high accuracy.

    High accuracy flow rate measurement

    Usable in loop pipes

    Direct and reverse flow can be measured. Consumption of air transferred between buildings can be measured.

    Usable in loop pipes

    A variety of output functions

    Pulse output and analog current output are available. It can be used during communication.

    A variety of output functions

    Use in combination with the Eco-POWER METER and KW Watcher to visualize the all aspects of energy usage in one place.

    1. Connect the pulse output of Air Flow Monitor to Eco-POWER METER.
    2. Display graphs of electricity, temperature, compressed air and nitrogen gas usage, and other data as collected by the Data Logger Light (DLL) using the KW Watcher PC software.
    This helps to analyze the electricity and compressed air/nitrogen gas usage from multiple points of view.

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